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Things about Motor Parts to Know: Why Quality Matters So Much?
Date : 2020/02/21
In Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, motorcycles have been widely used in southeast Asia, the Middle East and Latin America as not just a transportation means, but equipment to sustain a family’s livelihood.



Things about Motor Parts to Know: 
Why Quality Matters So Much?

According to statistics compiled by the Taiwanese government, the number of motorcycles, roaming on roads in the country rose to some 13.77 million units as of the end of 2018. It represented an increase for the fourth consecutive year. Simply for information, Asian people together consumes over a half of around 200 million two-wheeled vehicles in the world, with China, India, Indonesia being major markets.


With greater mobility in urban transportation and much lower unit prices than automobiles, motorcycles have been widely used in southeast Asia, the Middle East and Latin America as not just a transportation means, but equipment to sustain a family’s livelihood. In other words, not only can quality parts protect a rider’s safety, but it can ensure well-being of his or her family.


In Constant Pursuit of Best Quality and Reliability


Having engaged in supplying motor parts and components for over 20 years, Fusan Develop Co., Ltd. is a veteran insider with a religious belief that safety outweighs any other considerations.


Understanding that motorcycle safety can not be ensured without a parts supplier’s constant concentration on quality and reliability, chairman David Huang of Fusan says despite product mix comprehending engine parts, transmission system parts, exhaust system parts, 

electrical parts and body parts, his company spares on efforts on all details for each of the product categories for the best quality and reliability.

For instance, Fusan insistently carries out rigorous quality control throughout production process, while looking into regulations and standards in different countries to obtain certificates for its motor parts before they land on the market, to make its utmost to guarantee a user’s safety.


In the meantime, Fusan invests considerably in upgrading and improving manufacturing processes. Huang states that Fusan makes such investment with an attempt to cultivate the ability to rapidly fine-tune planned production cycles, whenever needed, to meet customers’ business requirements and demands for custom-made products. 

An Own Brand “V.V.MOTOR”

Fusan also develops an own brand: “V.V.MOTOR.” Huang states that through this brand, Fusan looks to add value of its products available in market on traceability and reliability, which can seen as part of its effort to safeguard interests of customers and consumers.


For now, Fusan’s V.V.MOTOR-branded products have been accepted and sought-after by consumers in America, Europe, Central and South America and Southeast Asia. “We take responsibility for end-users,” Huang stresses.


Noteworthily, Fusan also supplies a line of parts and components that are fitted to motorcycles from Taiwan’s top three brands, namely YAMAHA, SYM and KYMCO. In Taiwan, it has been well-recognized by local consumers, thanks partly to integrated manufacturing service it provides.

iMonster's Digest ~ 
In Fusan, Quality Is Promise to Follow Through On

Achieving the best quality is a shared goal among enterprises. In the real world, however, it can turn out to be nothing more than a slogan blindly followed in the end. But, the same cannot be said for Fusan.


Underpinned by its motto of “Protecting users in every mile on the way home,” Fusan can better understand than its peers what to put into action to continuously improve its manufacturing skills and product design. All the efforts this dedicated supplier has done are designed to assure both customers and end-users of enhanced safety and reliability. 


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